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Tap Testing

  Tap testing is a time-proven NDT practice that is fast, low cost and effective for inspecting composite sandwhich structures for disbonds and core damage. However, inspections based on the sound of a tap are subjective and do not provide quantitative information. Until the deveopment of the Computer-Aided Tap Testing system, it was difficult to document the extent of damages to a structure for reports or for archiving.

Tap Testing Using the
Computer-Aided Tap Testing (CATT) System

  The patented Computer-Aided Tap Testing system significantly improves the tap testing method. Quantitative data relating to the surface stiffness of the component is collected and the reliance on the audio signal is completely eliminated. The impact duration of an instrumented tapper is measured and fed into a computer to produce C-scan images revealing structural features, damage and flaws within the component. Images can also be produced to display the local stiffness (an effective spring constant) of the structure and the percentage loss of stiffness caused by damages. Data can be collected by manual tapping or with the use of a semi-automated tapping cart. Using the cart, a large area can be inspected very rapidly. The manual tap probe is used to inspect small or confined areas and on surfaces with a significant curvature. The system is easy to use and, thus, requires very little operator training. The system significantly improves the quality of the inspection by producing a visual image of the condition of the structure. The data can be easily shared or archived for future reference.The CATT system is in use by NASA, aircraft manufacturers, composite manufacturing and repair facilities, university and national laboratories, and other inspection laboratories. The system was developed for use in the aerospace industry but it is also finding utility by boat surveyors. The system is economically priced and usually ships in 2 to 4 weeks. More information on the CATT system can be found on the other pages of this Internet site or in the product literature offered below. Please contact ASI if you have any questions.

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